Thrilled to be hosting my first-ever art exhibition

Deano Hewitts
2 min readMay 4, 2023

I can finally find the courage, commitment, call it what you will, to host my first exhibition.

This isn’t a blog — it’s a celebration and an invitation to all of those of you who follow on here locally.

It’s called a ‘journey of my art’.

For one night only in Richmond, London I will bring together a large collection of pieces which span back from 7 years ago to the present day.

I’m leaving out some of the more risqué pieces as my son will be in attendance, and I’ve another show planned for the adults later in the year.

Not to say that some of the pieces on show will not be on the edge!

It’s a history of my life, the people in it, the emotions I’ve felt, and the traumas I’ve faced.

It’s a celebration of everything that my life has come to mean.

It would be amazing if you could attend — please let me know if you need any details and if you know you can make it.

PS, if you didn’t subscribe to my YouTube channel — there’s a fresh one coming out later this week — you can subscribe here. Your support is so valuable to me.

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