Why I stopped doing drugs

Breaking Free from Addiction

Deano Hewitts
2 min readMar 9, 2023

Following my reasons for stopping drinking, I did the same for drugs. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, it’s crucial to revisit the core reasons behind our decisions and remember them, even if we didn’t always stay true to them. These reasons are particularly important on the blurry days.

  1. They fuck up my sleep pattern.
  2. They fuck up relationships.
  3. They infect you with happiness.
  4. They release endorphins and give you a comedown.
  5. You spend lots of money that you wouldn’t have otherwise spent.
  6. Cocaine seriously fucks up your nose.
  7. I had a drug problem; admittedly, it would only rear its head infrequently towards the end.
  8. It takes you to the land of achieving nothing.
  9. People can tell the next day, so you need to hide away.
  10. They put you in a challenging situation when you may be tempted to drive, which could result in you or someone else getting hurt.
  11. It takes a week to get over it; you will never get this time back.
  12. It fucks up your Mondays and means that you tarnish your life. Your reputation will be damaged, and you will have to spend time recovering from that.
  13. It encourages you to speak of truths which shouldn’t be talked of.
  14. You will smoke loads and get really ill doing so.
  15. You’ll lose all the endorphins set up for the week in one night and spend the rest of the week wishing you hadn’t.
  16. Depression will set in, however much you try to fight it.
  17. It takes a good two weeks out of your plans and sets you right back, that is, if you had any ambition to start with.
  18. Every bit of nutrient you have will be consumed, keeping you physically alive and mentally able; and this is just after the come down.
  19. Taking drugs = sick day: Fact.
  20. They cause you to go mental.

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